Vietnam’s most Amazing Race fostering Team Building and the Development of Skills through Fun and Challenge and Surprises along the way.

This incredible team bonding challenge involves travel, negotiation, detective work, collaboration and much more.

Our program gives your staff a team bonding experience with a wow! factor and something that they will be talking about for years to come. Staff must work together to perform tasks that they would of never imagined they would ever be part of! Bring comfortable shoes because you will certainly be on the move.

Some of our many unique scenarios include:

 The Amazing Rescue A businessman has been abducted and your staff must come to the rescue. Working in different teams, your staff must explore the city, discover its culture and history, and search out clues while completing various challenges. Teams will have access to a private hired cars complete with driver to help them on their adventure. Teams will have to buy the abducted businessman a getaway outfit at the local market, find the ransom money, meet with the abductor and negotiate the businessman’s release. The first team to come back with the businessman wins the coveted Top Team Prize.


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The Jewel Thief Jewels have been stolen and your staff have been called to investigate. The Jewel thief has been sloppy and left some clues behind. Your staff must track down the Jewels by following the clues and travelling around the City, exploring some of the most historic and cultural parts of the City. Participants will need to track down the jewels and bring them back to their owner. The jewel thief however may have already left the City or even country…..

Who this is for

Top Team's Amazing race program is for any organization looking to give their staff a unique bonding experience that they will talk about for years and years to come. If you want your employees to step out of their comfort zone, to overcome a fun but demanding challenge, and  to develop skills in a practical and engaging way, this package is for you.

The Benefits

- Participants will have their problem solving skills tested

- Fun group bonding experience

- A unique challenge

- This activity promotes team work and group cohesion

- Participants will work under time constraints and under some pressure

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