A Fun Mystery That Creates Bonds, Critical Thinking Skills, and Lasting Memories. Work as a team to solve an unforgettable crime scenario.

Want to bring your team together? Perhaps what you need is a murder…

Top Team’s Crime Scene Team Building Event allows your staff to experience a unique, challenging and entertaining corporate event like no other, as you become Crime Scene Investigators tasked with the role of solving a murder.

Our team building experiences are recognized for improving personal development in communication, leadership, problem solving, decision making and are guaranteed to provide fun!

The primary task of the teams is to solve the mystery by collecting clues and overcoming challenges, but throughout the day each teams’ performance will be assessed on a range of criteria: planning, task allocation, leadership, creativity, conflict resolution, communication, supportiveness and overall teamwork.

Top Team has a wide range of 'Crime Scene' scenarios and all our event 'packages' can be tailored to your requirements and can be adapted to suit location, numbers, budget, fitness level, weather and learning objectives.

Get in touch with us today and let us start planning your company’s very own crime scene!

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