We're an education and training company first. And with our expertise in experiential travel for both adults and children we know how to bring your classroom lessons to life.

Our product range is a diverse mix of quality educational, cultural, sporting and special interest programmes designed to meet your exact group requirements, including the enhancement of soft skills such as leadership, team work, creativity, problem solving and communication.

Our tours stimulate the mind and the senses. Each new experience offers students a chance to learn more about their subject, the world and their own potential. They also balance outcome-focused learning with some leisure and downtime which include fun excursions such as island hopping and splash pools for students to relax and let off steam between rehearsals and performances.

School trip safety

Rest assured, our health and safety standards are the highest in Vietnam. We conduct risk assessments for all activities and take no risks when it comes to your welfare. A medical doctor will accompany your group, students will use only buses with safety belts and we will never allow a boat to leave a harbor without the students wearing life vests.

Let us handle the details! We will ensure a seamless experience, before during and after your tour.

Contact us today and let us create a customized proposal for your next unforgettable school trip!



"Brilliant team building games. Both the team building and leisure activities were very enjoyable and engaging for students. They learned important cooperation and communication skills from these. - The students had a great time and are still speaking fondly of their experiences."

☆ Brandon Dewes, Head of Physical Education, Australian International School

“After great leadership & team building activities, students more energized & focused, more attentive & responsive.”
☆ Aaron Brown, senior math teacher, American International School

"The logistics and professionalism were of the highest quality, mixing enjoyment and learning and bringing out the best of the whole team. Even with bad weather the events continued without a hiccup."

☆ Christopher Jeffery, Dean of British University Vietnam

"Thanks for making this trip an awesome experience for my students."

☆ Rowena Valberg, Assistant Principal, Taylor's College, Kuala Lumpur