Perfect for any location or season – rain or shine, Top Team Vietnam's indoor team building activities are an excellent addition to any conference, training workshop or meeting and a great way to engage, mentally stimulate, challenge and entertain your stakeholders.


Our professional international trainers can facilitate your group through a broad variety of indoor team building games catering to a wide variety of skillsets. You can expect educational fun with guaranteed real results.


Some of our many unique scenarios include:


Lego Challenge

Lego isn’t just about fun and games. For team building exercises, working with Lego helps enhance creative and critical thinking skills.  Top Team runs a variety of Lego team building challenges that will get your group constructing, negotiating, and bringing constructive thinking to life.

Production Pipeline

Teams will be given limited supplies (balloons, bamboo,  string, etc.) to construct a marble transportation system that will deliver a maximum number of marbles safely to an end point. Critical thinking, planning, and communication are key to winning this high stakes race.

Spy Academy

Save the world from an evil conspiracy. Teams must crack codes, decipher clues and recover sensitive information in a race against time. A fun, effective event for pushing out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem solving.