EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: What it is and what it does

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: What it is and what it does

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I hear, and I forget.
I see, and I remember.
I do, and I understand.
—Ancient Chinese.

At Top Team Vietnam, we pride ourselves in specializing in experiential learning. The question then remains what exactly does that mean? Experiential learning is the process of learning through doing or more specifically “learning through the reflection of doing”. In layman’s terms it is getting hands on with a project. So, is this the new buzz word in training? Not quite. Around 350 BCE, Aristotle wrote “for the things we learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”.

The Benefits to Participants:
Participants get to interact in actual simulated scenarios. An example would be placing a junior employee in a managerial scenario and allowing him to complete a task in such a capacity. The real world has many day to day challenges and learners experience that there is more than one way to solve these problems. Learners become more creative and develop critical thinking skills to come up with different solutions for problems through experimentation.

Top Team’s approach to Experiential Learning:

We identify with Kolb’s learning cycle:

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