Our Wellness workshop focuses on relaxation, nutrition, physical activity and rich mental health

Our Wellness Program for managers is carried out by experienced health coach, yoga teacher and healthy living facilitator Chiara Squinzi. Providing organizations and employees with the knowledge and skills to optimize health and productivity in and outside of the workplace, this workshops focuses on the three areas vital to overall well-being: nutrition, physical activity and mental health. Presented in a fun, interactive format it empowers participants with employees the skills, strategies and inspiration to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Proven benefits of wellness programs for companies and employees are impressive and include reduced sick-leave absenteeism, reduced health care costs, reduction in compensation and disability claims costs, and reduction in staff turnover.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Practical methods for healthy food preparation and diet selection
  • Time-effective exercise techniques
  • Stress management through breathing techniques and basic yoga

Course Features:

  • Accommodation and spa treatment
  • Regimented relaxing exercise sessions
  • Delicious and nutritious meals and cooking classes
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