Participants gain greater confidence in this Conflict Management workshop managing trough situations with diplomacy, tact and credibility

Conflict is an unavoidable part of daily life and those who embrace conflict as an opportunity to build understanding and better relationships experience greater personal and professional success. Managing conflict is not easy, however, and it requires self-awareness, solid communication skills and the motivation to resolve uncomfortable situations. This interactive training workshop provides insight into emotional triggers and equips participants with the tools to productively manage difficult, conflict-prone conversations. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Manage emotional reactions in conflict
  • Choose the appropriate conflict management approach for any scenario
  • Understand different conflict styles
  • Follow a proven method for diffusing tense situations
  • Communicate assertively without eliciting defensiveness from the other person
  • Plan for difficult conversations in a way that focuses on achieving the results you desire
  • Practice executing difficult conversations

 Course Features

  • Self-assessment will provide insights into individual conflict behaviours
  • Simulations to practice techniques and behaviors
  • Sharing of best practices regarding conflict management approaches
  • Opportunities for application of theory and share best practices with other workshop participants
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