Participants of this communication skills workshop will develop mastery of communication, allowing them to diffuse challenging situations while reinforcing positive interactions with customers.

Communication isn’t only a skill; it is also an art – and nowhere is this more true than in business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify different communication styles
  • Deal effectively with different customer personalities
  • Identify strategies for managing difficult interactions
  • Develop your communication skills – in person, on the phone, using voicemail or email
  • Apply skills to deepen your understanding of how verbal and nonverbal communication impact outcome
  • Apply the six key steps to rebounding and recovering from customer complaints
  • Manage stress in the moment and proactively

Course Features

  • Self-assessment for insight into individual behaviour and how you work with others
  • Audiovisual resources to reinforce learning in an impactful manner
  • Role play to practice techniques and behaviours in a safe environment
  • Simulation activities to help transfer learned skills and behaviour to the working world
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